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Police Drags Man Out of Home After Neighbor Snitches on Residents For “Illegally Gathering”

Donald Trump Jr. Called the Incident in Quebec “Insanity” & Used it as a Warning to Americans to “wake the hell up”!



Quebec – Police in Gatineau, Canada went to a home and assaulted the citizens after a neighbor ratted them out for ‘illegally’ gathering.

According to Le Journal de Montreal, a neighbor called the police to report that more than 6 people had “illegally” gathered in a residence in violation of Covid restrictions:

Called to explain, the Gatineau Police Service (SPVG) admitted to intervening Thursday evening, around 11:10 p.m., in a residence on rue Le Baron, after a citizen’s complaint.

“The recommended approach was preventive. The agents asked for their collaboration to put an end to the gathering, but they were rejected, ”commented Lieutenant Éric Simard.

According to him, the Gatineau police officers initially intended to give a simple notice, but, in the end, they had no other choice but to distribute statements of offense, which, let us remember, are amount to $ 1,546 per person.

A man was also taken to the police station.

“He was released, but the file was submitted to the DPCP [director of criminal and penal prosecutions], who could lay charges,” said Eric Simard.

The lieutenant of the SPVG specified that this event required the intervention of six police officers, that is to say as much as the number of people who were gathered.

The police assaulted one of the men and pulled him out of the home by his neck while a distressed elderly woman is seen trying to help him.

Donald Trump Jr. Called the Incident in Quebec ‘Insanity’ & Used it as a Warning to Americans

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1 Comment

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    26/02/2021 at 11:55 PM

    Hey, this is Eric and I ran across a few minutes ago.

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