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Exposing Election Fraud and the Theft of America

“Absolute Proof” Film Was Seen by Over 10 Million People After it’s Release. According to Mike Lindell the reaction was remarkable.



Steve Bannon interviewed Mike Lindell on The War Room.  The two discussed Lindell’s release of the online movie “Absolute Proof”.

According to Lindell the reaction to “Absolute Truth” was remarkable.  On its first day, the movie was watched in its entirety by 5 million people according to Lindell and the data coming from his website.  He says over 10 million people saw his video.

The reaction was very positive. Lindell has stated people were shocked by the information in the video. Many people wondered why this information wasn’t out earlier.

Also, Lindell shared that Big Media’s attacks on the movie only led more people to the movie. Eventually, Big Tech shut the movie down, as was expected.

MyPillow CEO and staunch Trump loyalist Mike Lindell has a new documentary out, pushing his long-debunked lies about former President Donald Trump’s loss to President Joe Biden being the product of fraud. It debuted on OAN, but before it began, the network wanted viewers to know just one thing: The two-hour special, ironically titled “Absolute Proof”, is just one guy’s account of “what may have happened.”

The movie included several testimonies by election experts and others.  The leftie media is already picking it apart, as was expected.
Mike Lindell has an enthusiastic and infectious attitude.

This film covers concerning violations that we are able to verify independently and have previously reported on.
However, there are additional statements and observations in the film that we are unable to confirm at this time.

Below is another solid analysis of the election fraud worth viewing:



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