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Whistleblower Speaks Out About Chief Justice John Roberts

Whistleblower from Federal Circuit Court told agents a nation state has been BLACKMAILING Chief Justice since prior to his nomination.



Chief Justice John Roberts has faced many accusations over the years, particularly in the last few weeks as his weak leadership of the Supreme Court has seemed to be the primary roadblock to President Trump correcting the fraudulent 2020 election. He’s been accused of working to block the President’s reelection, of traveling to Epstein Island, and of a few other things. Most of the accusations have been debunked.

A new accusation comes from attorney Lin Wood. The famed lawyer who has filed multiple lawsuits challenging the 2020 election has not been shy about sharing conspiracy theories, and this one definitely falls into the category. But if it can somehow be proven, it’s the type of bombshell that will offer lasting fodder to those who believe Roberts is corrupted by demonic forces.

“My information from reliable source is that Roberts arranged an illegal adoption of two young children from Wales through Jeffrey Epstein. I think we can all agree that Epstein knows pedophilia. If only Jeffrey Epstein was still alive . . . Wouldn’t that be something?”

Much of the reason Roberts has been under so much scrutiny started long before the election. As a Bush-43 appointee, there were high hopes that he would lead the Supreme Court for decades from an originalist perspective. But that never materialized as the Chief Justice sided as often with the progressive wing of as he did with originalists. He is the reason we still have Obamacare, and many of his subsequent votes have been clearly aligned with leftist perspectives rather than constitutional ones. Is he compromised? That seems to be what Wood is insinuating.

It may just be fodder against a man who is loathed by those on both the political right and left, but it’s worth watching. If evidence can be brought to light, that truly would be something to shake the foundation of the judiciary…

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