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BREAKING: Injunction Filed to End Mask Measures!

A group of lawyers filed an injunction to the superior court on June 16, 2021 to end the mask measures in Quebec, Canada.



Photo: Press archives - Stéphane Blais

A group of lawyers, funded by the FDDLP (Fondation pour la défense des droits et libertés du peuple), “The People’s Defence of Rights and Liberties Foundation”, filed an injunction to the superior court on June 16, 2021 to end the mask measures in Quebec, Canada (hearing will be held on August 13th 2021).

This request is based on an enhanced research analyses by experts, is very well documented, and specifically made for this purpose alone, to be proven in any court of law, that there is no such science behind the mask wearing for preventing COVID-19.

This case will be presented shortly, within the following weeks, and will have the sole purpose to immediately stop any government decrees regarding the mask measures until a trial date can be set in order for both parties to present their case and discovery on the subject matter.

This is a KEY move from the FDDLP, who has been preparing for months on this case and is greatly cheered on by its supporters and their movement.

As to what we were able to learn and obtain about the FDDLP, is that their foundation was early fighting the COVID-19 measures, since May 2020, when it was first founded by Stéphane Blais (an ex- leader of the “Parti Politique Citoyens au Pouvoir” party). Since then, they have worked closely with other international groups, such as Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, who is joined in suing the CDC, WHO and the Davos Group for crime against humanity, to name a few.

A respiratory specialist, Chris Schaefer, presented a short clip on the oxygen and Co2 levels with several different types of masks:

Expert report documentation:



The public Copy of the document case filed.



  1. Nicole

    19/06/2021 at 7:43 PM

    Cour supérieur et non suprême


      19/06/2021 at 8:13 PM

      Thank you for the precision Nicole, we made the correction.

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