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Trudeau Pushing His Military To Work With China

Newly released documents show Canadian government pushing their military to train the Chinese military.



While Trudeau was trying to keep on side with China, he was also bashing Donald Trump, Levant said of the memos.

‘In those same memos you’re talking about, Trudeau’s office was supporting China and condemning the Trump administration,’ he said.

“There’s a level of admiration I actually have for China, beacause of their dictatorship.” – Trudeau

‘It was upside down, inverted morality – it’s seeping all the way into our bureaucracy, our diplomacy and they are trying to get the military on side, too.’

The memos also reveal that America warned Canada about the risks of engaging in the training with China but the concerns were ignored, said Levant.

He raised concerns that the training could be used to gather intelligence on Canada and learn its military techniques in order to use them against the country down the line.

‘In these memos, you can see the Trump administration warned Canada that this winter warfare training would transfer knowledge to China that could be used,’ he said.

‘Now, they don’t explain, would it be used to take on Uighurs in chin Jang, Tibetans to fight India in the Himalayas , or even to fight us?

‘And when the military, the Canadian military, said our American allies, or our allies are concerned about this, Trudeau staff pushed back and said, is this just the Trump administration, or is anyone else worried about it?’

Levant said the documents show ‘an antipathy toward America’ from Trudeau while he wants to ‘let China’s President XI Jinping save face’.

Ezra Levant, founder of conservative news site Rebel News, claimed Thursday on Fox the PLA was sending spies not just soldiers to the training cam.

The smoking gun files released this week reveal that General Vance decided to cancel the winter military exercises with the PLA in January 2019.

The move came after China arrested Spavor and Kovrig in December 2018.

But, the files show that Canada’s global affairs department including a top aide to Trudeau pushed back against the decision, concerned that China would see it as payback over the arrests.

‘Should Canada make any significant reductions in its military engagement with China, China will likely read this as a retaliatory move related to the Meng Wanzhou case,’ the February 2019 memo read, according to Rebel News.

The memo was sent to then deputy minister of foreign affairs Ian Shugart, now Canada’s top bureaucrat, outlining the case for a letter for him to send on to the deputy defense minister.

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